No Silver Bullets

Agility is confusing

Any organisation looking to transform to more agile and lean approaches can find the path long, convoluted and confusing. Enterprising Agility focuses on building a structured transformation roadmap that is tailored exactly to your organisations needs.

Each organisation is different so we need to work together to define the transformation approach.

Quick wins can come from doing some simple (but not easy) activities:

  • Creating and sharing Strategies, Roadmaps and work pipelines
  • Using  Visual Planning and Calendars in public/on walls
  • Understanding the end to end view of delivery – having a simple Concept & Initiate phase (Discovery) followed by a planning phase (Planning) then either Kanban or iterative delivery process
  • Understanding the “Definition of Done” from the holistic perspective – looking for handoffs between teams and silos
  • Setting up success criteria before work begins, capturing it on a Lean Canvas
  • Using powerful prioritization with published prioritisation criteria based on      your success criteria or strategy outcomes
  • Setting up meaningful feedback loops that support the required governance      structures 

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If you'd like to know more about building a transformation roadmap, setting up an end to end view of delivery or facilitating planning, roadmapping or strategy sessions please contact us.